Specialty Coffee Quality Assurance

At Di Bella Coffee our dedication to deliver the Ultimate Coffee Experience means that we apply quality assurance practices at every step of the journey. From sourcing raw coffee to blending, from roasting to packaging; you are assured that our dedication to quality means you will enjoy great specialty coffee every time.

The Raw Coffee Bean

Our passion for quality starts long before the raw coffee beans are even purchased. We work with flavor profiles and source the right beans for each blend to achieve consistency. By assigning numerical values to the different aspects of the raw coffee that make up each of our profiles, (such as acidity, body, strength, aroma, and flavor) we can precisely determine the type of raw coffee beans we need to source for each of our blends.

The Roasted Bean

When the raw coffee arrives at our roasting facilities we inspect and sample the coffees before we blend and roast them. The expertise in our roasting lies within our ability to blend the coffee from different origins to achieve a predetermined profile. The roast profile of each coffee is made up of variables such as temperature, time, sound and colour. The roasting team maintain quality by monitoring each stage to achieve the parameters that have been set.

The Extraction

The final stage of our quality assurance process is to taste each of our signature blends and pods to sample the roasted coffee against the desired flavor profiles. We sample each as an espresso and a latte to ensure the integrity of our profile is maintained in both a black and a white coffee.