Meet Logan Kedwell of Di Bella Coffee USA

di bella coffee usa logan kedwellWe'd like to introduce to your our Business Development Manager for Di Bella Coffee USA, Logan Kedwell. Logan is currently in the east coast working with various coffee shops proselytizing the Di Bella name. To get a better understanding on who Logan is, we've asked him to provide us a brief bio.  

"I am a highly motivated and passionate person. I have a strong vision of where I want to be and the burning desire to make it happen. 

 From my beginnings in the family business of wholesale fruit and vegetables, my father, a successful and well-respected businessman, mentored me from a young age. It was here where I began to grow.  I worked my way up through the business to the position of Sales Manager. I learned the meaning of hard work and the importance of good quality produce, and exceeding customer expectations. 

I took my expertise of the fruit & vegetable industry and applied this to growing a small chain of restaurants. Over 3 years we grew Buzz Bistro Cafes, to four locations around Brisbane, two of which were brand new sites. Working from start to finish on a new site provided me with many invaluable experiences such as applying for government approvals, working with contractors on fit out design and construction and working in conjunction with chefs to create seasonal menus. These responsibilities combined with the experience of leading a team of up to 60 wait staff and chefs between the four venues has armed me with the skills and knowledge required to create a successful café experience.

 The restaurant game opened my eyes to all aspects of the dining experience and introduced me to the world of coffee through my suppliers of Di Bella Coffee.

Wanting to increase my knowledge and explore a new frontier I began working with Di Bella Coffee to be trained by the masters.

 My career has taken me from Brisbane, London and New York back to Brisbane.  My experiences and passion for wholesale, fruit & vegetables, restaurants and coffee and my desire to head back to the Big Apple is launching me into a new phase to bring the Ultimate Coffee Experience to New York."

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