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MedicalNewsToday.com published an article about the benefits of coffee. It’s a rather interesting read since it goes beyond the enhanced energy and focus that most people experience once they enjoy a cup. This articles covers about 5 different benefits that range from Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Liver disease and Liver cancer.

Some of the interesting details mentioned in the article address diabetes and by increasing coffee consumption, studies have shown a relative decrease in the disease risk by as much as 11%.  

In one study, increased coffee and caffeine intake helped significantly lower the incidence of Parkinson’s disease. This was a study performed by the Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre and published in the journal Neurology.

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Some may think that coffee consumption should be limited, but Italian researchers discovered that drinking coffee can lower the risk of liver cancer by 40%. In addition, having 3 cups per day even lowers the risk by up to 50%.

In a Kaiser Permanent Medical Care Program study conducted in California, USA. The results demonstrated that coffee has also showed to help alcohol drinkers lower the incidence of cirrhosis of the liver by 22%.

Lastly, coffee a European study showed that people who drank up to 4 cups of coffee on a daily basis had an 11% lower risk of heart failure as opposed to to those who did not.

Now that we’ve gone over the tremendous benefits of drinking coffee, don’t just settle for coffee at the grocery store or in a can. Make sure you’re drinking specialty coffee from Di Bella USA. Our coffee beans goes through a stringent selection and roasting process. This helps to ensure our customers are getting the highest quality beans that provide the best coffee drinking experience.

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